I am passionate about Tequila. As President of The Tequila Society www.thetequilasociety.co.uk I spend a lot of time re-educating people on tequila and what a real 100% Agave Tequila is and how to drink it. I get so much pleasure introducing people to good tequila and watching them fall in love with it. In 2009 I was presented with a prestigious award from The President of the Tequila Chambers and all the tequila producers in Guadalajara, Mexico, for my work and determination in the promotion of Tequila.


Tequila Society

I am very excited to be launching my own brand of tequila in early 2012. This has taken me nearly a year to perfect the profile and I can’t wait share it with everyone. I also plan to launch my own Organic agave syrup in January under the same brand name. Watch for the launch parties…!!! You’ll be first to know.